How To Apply Online Driving License In Nepal

How To Apply Online Driving License In Nepal

The online driving license registration was launched in Nepal from December 25, 2016, by the department of transport management (DOTM). The government has started online driving license registration with the official name electronic driving license and vehicle registration system. Online services make work faster, efficient, and smarter. The DOTM is set to make the minimum age for obtaining a driving license 18 years. If you are trying to find out how to apply for an online driving license in Nepal then follow the following steps.

Step 1

How To Apply Online Driving License In Nepal

  • Go to the link This is the official site of the department of transport management of Nepal.
  • Click on Online Driving License Registration.
  • Select your country
  • Click on the drop-down menu for Select your license type
    NEW LICENSE: for those candidates who are going to have a license for the first time.
    ADD CATEGORY: for those candidates who already have a license and want to add the license to another type.
    DUPLICATE LICENSE: for those candidates who want to duplicate license in case they lose their original license.
    LICENSE RENEWAL: for those candidates who want to renew their license.

Step 2

A form will appear ‘Demographic Details’ where you have to enter your details

– Enter your first name, last name and middle name (if you have) according to your citizenship card.
– Enter your date of birth (DOB)
– Age field that would be filled automatically by filling the DOB.
-Similarly, you have to fill up other blank spaces including gender, education, blood group occupation, Citizenship number, and citizenship issue district
-Enter the witness name section and mention your relationship with him/her in the next WITNESS RELATIONSHIP section.
-Also, enter the Trainer name and trainer license number

Step 3

You have to enter your address details. There are two separate sections for entering your address. ‘PERMANENT ADDRESS’ section & ‘PRESENT ADDRESS’ section. A permanent address should be given according to your citizenship address.

If the Present Address (temporary address) is the same as your permanent address then you can click ‘SAME AS PERMANENT’ below the left side of the Present Address.

-Select the category you want to register your driving license with.
-Select the zone to which you are applying for a new license and then select the license issue.

-After entering all the data, click submit.

-After clicking Submit you can preview of your entered data and recheck your entered data
-At the end of ‘Registration Details’ click on save details.

-You will get a notification that ‘Your application is successfully Registered’ and also provide your details and date to visit the zonal transportation office.

Things to know:

Your citizenship as well as biometric details will be recorded there. Once done you’ll be advised to get your eyes and blood group checked. (Eyes and blood test service is available near DOTM office).

Now you should pay Nrs.500 for a written exam. Usually, the exam is the next day at 7:00 am. In case you have any license (bike, car, or any) and applying for add category like a car, you don’t need to take the written exam. In a general sense, if you have any vehicle license you don’t need to attain a written exam.

Once you pass the exam you will be able to attend for vehicle trial the next day (bike or car or any you intend to apply for). They’ll inform where and when to attend. Bike on rent costs Rs.50 and Rs.500 for car hire on the trial center.

Once you pass trial you should visit the DOTM office and pay revenue Rs.1500 after 10 working days (In case of a new license). For add category, you just need to pay Rs.500.  You’ll receive a payment slip along with the license number. Also, they’ll inform you about approx time to collect your license. Till then you will be able to run a vehicle using the payment slip (Rajaswa Paper).

Visit DOTM Office with a slip in the time mentioned. The slip works as a license temporarily. You’ll have your driving license soon.

Driving License Issue Information and Written Exam Result

Here is the process to get the driving license issue information:

  • Forward an SMS/message LC<space>Applicant ID to 31003

You will get a reply if your licenses are printed ready or not.

For the written exam result of driving license, You need to

  • Forward an SMS/message WT<space>Applicaton ID to 31003

Likewise, you will get the update of you passing or failing in written test.


Your total cost for getting Driving License in Nepal

Rs.500 for the exam fee.

Rs.100 approx for eye and blood tests.

Rs.50 bike charge in the trial and for the car Rs.500.

Rs.1500 to be paid after you pass all exams [For new Licence].

Rs.500 to be paid for [Add Category]

Grand Total: Approx. Rs. 2150/-

Don’t forget to take your CitizenshipLicence (In case of Add Category), Passport Size Photo, Driving School Certificate for Cars and other heavy vehicles, Blood Group Card and Some Extra Cash just in case.