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Saugat Malla | Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Education, Movies

The super-talented and versatile actor of Nepal, Saugat Malla is a very popular actor of this time. He is not just a nice actor but also a fabulous dancer and model as well. Saugat possesses a keen personality and is a hero of admiration. He has made a home to many Nepali cinema lovers’ hearts. Since his debut and until now, he has done a lot of successful movies and all of them show his hard work dedication and his fondness for his profession. The haku-kale of the movie “loot” has been able to make his golden space in the Nepali film industry.

Saugat Malla Biography

Name Saugat Malla
Birthday 9 June, 1976
Birth Place Nawalparasi Nepal
Birth Sign Gemini
Mother Punya Mata Malla
Father N/A
Profession Actor, Producer, Model
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Higher education Saugat Malla learned acting at Aarohan Gurukul school
Debut movie Kagbeni
Debut Year 2008
Martial status Unmarried
Girlfriend Former Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha

Early Life and Education

Having born in the Nawalparasi district of Nepal, Saugat spent his childhood and did his schooling as well over there. Saugat was interested in acting at a very young age. Thus for further studies, he left his hometown and moved to Kathmandu. In Kathmandu, he joined Aarohan Gurukul, which is the first acting school in Nepal. His parents were very positive about him choosing what he wanted to do and always supported him.

Saugat Malla Movies and Career

Saugat, after joining acting school formally began his acting career. During his time of training, he got a chance to play in some theater-like “Oedipus Rex” and “Agni Ko Katha” at Gurukul Theater. After appearing in theaters, his gateway for cinemas was finally opened. He began acting professionally in 2008. He debuted in his first movie “Kagbeni” in 2008 which was a Bhushan Dahal debut-direction. The movie was a super hit and with that Saugat’s recognition in the Nepali Film Industry was remarked. After that, he appeared again in 2011 in the movie named “K Yo Maya Ho” which also got super hit in the box-office.

After four years of debut in the Nepalese movie industry, he signed to Nischal Basnet’s movie “Loot”. This movie becomes one of the most successful movies in the history of the Nepali movie industry. In this movie, he had the main role of a bank robber. The role portrayed by him as “Haku-kale” in the movie got so popular that he’s also known with the same nickname “Haku-kale” in the Nepali cine-market.
Saugat is known for playing different roles in each of his new movies and his versatility and ability to get into any roles given to him is what audiences are fans of. They are always eager to see him bring something new into his character every time. His variety of roles in various movies have made him known to a lot of people and helped him gain a lot of popularity. He earns 5-6 lakhs per movie. January 2018, Malla appeared in an episode of the reality show web series Artists Support Programme—Fashion Artist Edition.

“Kagbeni”, “K yo Maya ho”, “Dasdhunga”, “Highway”, “Loot” and “Loot 2”, “Chhadke”, “Lukamari”, “Fitkiree”, “Kabaddi Kabaddi”, “Jhyanakuti”, “Fateko Jutta” and many more are the movies that Saugat has played his roles in.

Awards and Nominations

Ceremony Category Movie Result
Dcine Award 2076 Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male) Jai Bhole Nominated
Kamana Film Award 2075 Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male) Jhyanakuti Nominated
Kamana Film Award 2073 Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male) Fanko Awarded
NFDC National Film Award 2070 “Shiva” Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male) Uma Nominated
Dcine Award 2069 Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male) Loot Awarded
NFDC National Film Award 2069 “Shiva” Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male) Chhadke Nominated
National Film Award 2068 Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male) Loot Awarded

Relationship Status

Saugat Malla was in a relationship with Sujata Giri for 10 years. The relationship did not work for both of them and they happened to break-up. But currently, the star is in a very deep relationship with Shristi Shrestha. Shristi is the former Miss Nepal 2012. The couple is in a loving relationship and is planning to get married soon. Both of them seem to be very happy and in love with one another.

More about the Popular Star

Saugat is an introvert as he doesn’t share much of his personal details with the media. But still, he is very kind-hearted and gentle in nature. He has not any social media accounts and he doesn’t like keeping mobile phones but right now has one for the professional cause. Instead of being involved in social gossips, he rather invests his time in creating a new and unique character. The artist is a fabulous entertainer and an unforgettable performer. His persistence, hard work, and interest in his profession are what results in the best of him.

He doesn’t like to use social media like Facebook or Twitter. He has revealed that he doesn’t have any Facebook account. From his childhood, he doesn’t like mobile phones but now carries with him for the professional cause.