About Chirag Singh Khadka aka 5:55

About Chirag Singh Khadka aka 5:55 (Song Budi)

Chirag Singh Khadka

Chirag Singh Khadka who is also known as 5:55 is a talented and rising artist in the Nepali industry. His style is very unique and lots of people seem to like his style in music. His song Budi has over 1.3 million views on YouTube. Most of his followers and fans are youth and teens. Besides being an amazing singer, writer, and composer he also plays Guitar, Ukulele, and Djembe. He loves to travel to different places and has already visited lots of places in Nepal. Looking at his profile we found that he loves to wear hippie style clothing.


Chirag Singh Khadka Budi Song

He also seems to be a devout believer of Lord Shiva. We have found a various picture of a marijuana plant on his Instagram so he might smoke weed we guess. He has also mention words like ‘Tope’, ‘Bong’, ‘Chilim’ in his song so he seems to like weed but we are not sure if he smokes weed or not but his music made us high already. He is one of the trending singers in Nepal because of his new song “Budi”.

About Song Budi

Chirag Singh Khadka Budi song

Song ‘Budi’ is a very unique and creative which is written, sing and composed by 5:55. Beats of the song are created by amazing producer Brijesh Shrestha from Ness Studio and he also mixed and mastered the song. The video of the song is recorded and edited by Jholey/Awenis. Song Budi is funny and romantic and has a different style of music. We are very glad that we have discovered another amazing artist in Nepal and he will be creating amazing music like Budi.

Watch 5:55 Budi Video

5:55 has also recently come out with another hit song call Life-jacket. The song is completely different compared to the song Budi. Life-Jacket is more of a rap and hip hop song. The song is complimented for its beats and lyrics and mostly the visual aspects.

Facts about Chirag Singh Khadka

  • Chirag lives in baneshwor ktm
  • He used to sing live songs mainly.
  • His first songs is atti bho.
  • Singer Chirag Singh Khadka started his journey from 2013 and presently he has become famous all over Nepal.
  • Khadka is so cool and he says everyone to be happy always.
  • Chirag Singh Khadka is a Spiritual man.
  • He is a fan of Bob Marley.
  • He Studied at galaxy public school.

Chirag Singh Khadka Biography

Some of 5:55 other popular songs

  • Samadhi
  • Life Jacket
  • Maya
  • Jindagi
  • Pariracha Pani
  • Sakaratmakta
  • Anautho
  • Atti Bho and Many more


what does 5:55 Mean?

This is a universe number.eg 1111, 444 , 555 ,777 . if you see these numbers then says that universal is trying to connect with you .these are also called magical numbers . in this type of timing (5:55, 4:44 and so on ) Take an Important decision.

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Facebook: Chirag-khadka

Youtube: 5:55

Instagram: @psyched_junkie

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