Best Chrome Extension 2019

14 Best Chrome Extensions

Best Chrome Extensions

Chrome is the most used internet browser in the world right now. More than 60% percent of internet users use chrome as their browsing application for the internet. Chrome is fast and has better stability although it uses a lot of memory of our systems. Chrome is packed with features for developers as well as normal users. One of those features is Chrome Extensions. Chrome Extensions are simple add-ons that help perform different activities with the browser. You can access them from the Chrome Web Store. Here are the best and must-have extensions for chrome.

Pop-up Blocker

Annoyed with the constant pop-ups on websites? Pop-up blocker is the perfect extension to keep those annoying pop-ups at bay. This extension blocks unwanted pop-ups from appearing. You can easily manage which sites can show pop-ups and which site can keep it to themselves. This is one of the best chrome extensions that you should definitely have.

Ad Block Plus (ABP)

best chrome extensions Adblock plus

Another extension which in my opinion is one of the best chrome extension and a must-have is ABP. With Ad Block Plus you can keep ads from appearing on websites such as YouTube. It also blocks google ads from appearing on sites making your experience while reading content much more pleasant.


best chrome extensions Ghostery

Ghostery is a free and open-source privacy and security-based browser extension. It provides us control over ads and tracking technologies to speed up the page load, eliminate clutter in the pages and protect your data. It can detect and block data tracking technologies.


best chrome extensions clockify

Clockify is a time tracking extension for the browser. You can start and track your daily tasks with just one click on your browser. You can also generate reports using clockify. This is the best chrome extensions to have if you are a programmer who wants to keep track of your progress.



Wikiwand is a chrome extension for Wikipedia site. Instead of a simple and crude page design of Wikipedia, Wikiwand will provide better user experience of the website. It is very good if you use Wikipedia frequently and reading on the site will not be as boring as before.


best chrome extensions momentum

Momentum provides the user with a different new tab instead of the common one used by chrome with a search bar. It is equipped with a to-do list feature, weather, and some inspirational quotes. New tabs also contain some great images that are better than the white background of default ones.


best chrome extensions Grammarly

Grammarly helps the user with proper grammar and word while writing on the browser. This extension is pretty helpful for people who don’t have proper English speaking knowledge and skill. This is one of the best chrome extensions for content writers and blogger who need quick fixes on the go on their documents.


best chrome extensions blur

Blur is security related chrome extension. It can manage your passwords, generate a new one so you don’t use the same one for all accounts which is better. It also provides a secure payment method.

Mercury Reader

If you read blogs and articles on the internet using chrome which we hope you are, then mercury reader is the best extension for you. Mercury reader allows you to read your favorite blog or article without all those ads.

Shortening and URL link is pretty common on the internet. Since they are shortened, it does not reveal where it is directing to, which can a bit of a problem. provides an interface with where the shortened link is redirecting to which may lead you away from harmful sites.


If you are into online shopping and all that sort of stuff, then camelizer will be your new handy tool in shopping. Camelizer will provide the data on prices of items that you browse on e-commerce websites. It will give you the general idea of price over the period of time also providing you with an alert when the price of the item drops or is on sale.

Signal Private Messenger

With all the privacy being violated by national government agencies, the signal private messenger will provide you with an encrypted messaging service. It can be used to send messages or data to one to one or a group.


Ever had a lot of browsers open for solving a problem in your computer and halfway through you have to restart your computer but still do something more after the restart. We have all had that problem and tab cloud is the solution. Tabcloud will save your tab data on the cloud and you can revisit them with just one click instead of going through your browser history.


Rescue time is a chrome extension that will monitor the time that you use on the chrome browser. It provides information on how long you have been using chrome and what were you doing during that time.


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