best nail art ideas to try

Best Nail Art Ideas to try this Shrawan

Shrawan calls for women to be decorated with green bangles and bindis, hair clips, nail paints, earrings and Shrawan special dress materials.

Putting on green during Shrawan is believed to be auspicious. And women especially, during Shrawan decorate themselves with green henna/Mehendi, green bangles and matching outfits. And nail paints are no exception. They add glamour to your pretty hands and enhance the overall beauty of women. You might have tried various types of nail arts and ideas throughout the year. But during Shrawan, green suits the best. There are lots of health, religious, astrological other reasons why to put on the green in Shrawan.

Hence, here are gathered a few of the best nail art ideas to try this Shrawan. A bonus: they are perfect designs to try as summer nail art ideas or nail art ideas to try for the upcoming fall.

Best Nail Art Ideas to try this Shrawan

Paint it Green: Green Nail Art Ideas

A Slight Bright Yellow: Yellow Nail Art Ideas

And that makes a collection of some pretty nail art ideas to try this Shrawan. Try them out and share the ideas among your friends. Happy Shrawan!!

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