the meaning behind the month of Shrawan

What is the meaning behind the month of Shrawan?

The story of Shrawan goes back to the time of gods and goddesses. Lord Shiva had drunk the pot of poison that emerged in the Kshir Sagar, giving him the name “Nilkantha.” His consumption of the poison had saved the gods from having a dreadful outbreak in the universe. This incident had taken place in the holy month of Shrawan. That’s one of the religious theories behind why Lord Shiva is greatly worshipped throughout the month of Shrawan.


Talking about the month, what comes to your mind when you hear of the month “Shrawan?” – The colour Green! Shrawan is known as the green month. A holy month with religious values. Why green values in this holy month have been viewed from various perspectives.

The reason behind Women wearing Green in Shrawan

Natural Theory: It is known to all that Shrawan is considered to be special for all women. They put on beautiful green henna/mehndi, green bangles, nail paints and clothes. Now, during Shrawan month, we see granaries everywhere. The green crops and rice plants in the field, the green leaves on the branches of trees, the green and blooming Tulsi plant and the rain enhancing the green makes the month Verdant. Nature is coated dynamically in green. And women wear green in Shrawan conveying the message that they are connected with nature. Not just green but yellow also represents the part of nature. And women can be seen embracing green and yellow vividly in the month of Shrawan.

In Hinduism, people worship nature in various forms. Tulsi, peepal and banana plants are all examples of plants considered sacred in Hinduism. Such green plants provide people with divine energies and as gratitude, they are worshipped. And in Shrawan, it’s believed that the one who wears these colours is blessed by nature. Also, green being related to nature, it is the symbol of prosperity, freshness, and progress.

woman wearing green in shrawan


Religious Theory: In Hinduism, Green is associated with marriage. As like red, green is believed to bring good luck and happiness in one’s married life. Women wear green-coloured bangles, accessories as well as green clothes in Shrawan. Such beliefs prevail that doing so, they receive blessings for their married life and also the long life of their husbands from Lord Shiva.

Talking about Lord Shiva, it’s also believed that the Lord is pleased with the colour Green. Women by wearing green and worshipping Lord Shiva in the green month, are said to be blessed. The married women would be blessed with the long, prosperous, healthy life of their husbands. And unmarried women would be blessed with getting a good life partner in future. That gives one of the reasons why women believing and following the ritual of the month Shrawan wear green outfits, green bangles, put on henna/Mehendi and like.


Health Reasons: This theory might not directly relate to why women put on green accessories during the month of Shrawan. But it relates to why put henna/Mehendi during the month of Shrawan. In this month, it’s likely to spread several types of diseases because of the humidity, the environment and so on. The colour Green in Ayurveda is considered to be effective in the cure of many diseases. Thus, for that reason, women in Shrawan wear henna/Mehendi to protect health and along with that wear green garments and bangles.

Astrological Reasons: So, in Astrology, the colour green is related to “Mangal”, the planet mercury. The effect of the planet helps one have control over one’s emotions. And women with that reason apply henna to balance their emotions.

henna idea to try


Now other theories involve that holding the green colour strengthens the Mercury in Astrology. And the strength of Mercury is believed to brings wisdom, prosperity, success and bring happiness to one’s offspring.

Hence, those bring some of the reasons why women embrace the colour green during Shrawan month. What other beliefs, myths or reasons you have heard or known about the month of Shrawan or Women wearing green heavily in Shrawan? Share with us through the comments.

Happy Shrawan Sankranti!!

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