Best Protection for Your Mobile

Best Phone Protection for Your Mobile

Smartphones have become the most essential part of our daily basis tools. So we cannot compromise on the protection of our smartphones. Here is a list of product that can protect your phones.

  Mous Case:

Mous — The Phone Case Startup With A Unique Story

The developer of Mouse Case has stated that “The Mous case is the only case that you’ll need in your life “. This phone protection case is so strong that it can save from any most destructive procedures. The inner part is made up of the rear protective panel of polycarbonate. The material of the outer part can be chosen by the users that can be carbon, wood, leather or seashell. The final outer cover for the case is finished with thermo polyurethane. It uses the unique patented material known as AiroShock. The material consists of huge numbers of cells filled with air which works as spring while the phone is exposed to damage.

Bakeey 360:

Bakeey 360 is like a normal 360 phone protector but the main feature that makes it unique is its magnetic design. Due to the magnetic design, it makes easy to use and secure in the phone. Normally the regular protector gets easily separated when the phone is dropped but not in Bakeey 360. It is strong enough to protect the gadget from water, cuts, scratches and even a drill. The surfaces are resistance to ink or any color which doesn’t allow to change the appearance of your phone.


It is not just a regular phone case/ protector. It is a special Thermal Capsule Phone Case. Phoozy is one of the must recommended phone protector on the market. It can sustain any harsh weather condition. The case act as a life jacket for your phone if you accidentally drop your phone into water. It has military standers protection (810G), protect from drop up to 6 feet. With Phoozy Apollo you can take your phone in any adventurous area such as Skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, Water sports etc.


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