Online Sites to buy movie tickets in Nepal

Nowadays we don’t need to queue in line for movie tickets. We can simply buy movie tickets online using the web or mobile apps. Select the seat that you prefer before others. Most of the multiplex cinemas like QFX, BSR, Q’s, Fcube, etc support ticket booking from online. Book your favorite movie tickets online from anywhere and anytime or either call the movie theater or visit their respective website to book movie tickets.

Here is the process to buy movie tickets online in Nepal


eSewa Fonepay Pvt. Ltd. is the first and leading Payment Service Provider, starting service from 2009 AD. From eSewa purchasing movie tickets is now much easier. eSewa app is one of the most popular movie ticket booking apps to book tickets for movies as well as for paying billing Electricity, Mobile, Water, Landline, Internet, etc. eSewa also has a separate link for different Movie theaters websites. eSewa is to be associated with so many cinema halls all over the country and be a part of providing better movie experience to the customers.


It offers the safest and fastest online payment experience for various Bill Payments. The users of Khalti will be able to book and pay for movie tickets online at any of the cinema movie halls like QFX, Big movies, Fcube, MidTown Cinemas, BSR Movies, etc. Whichever cinema halls you choose to watch the movie in, purchase the tickets with Khalti.

QFX Cinemas

QFX Cinemas Mobile App provides a convenient solution for customers to choose seats of their choice and Booking tickets using a variety of online payment methods. Information on all the upcoming releases along with the movie synopsis and trailers will be available. This app alerts customers’ before their booking expiry and reminds customers of their Show timings. You can also visit their website. The booking process is pretty simple. You can just visit the site to check the upcoming movies and their shows time and select the seat and after the payment, you can visit the cinema and get your ticket easily.


PrabhuPay consumer App allows its users to simplify the payment process. With this app, consumers can easily book a movie ticket. Click on the movie which you want to buy the ticket. Select the theatre and timing. Select the seats of your own preferences.


IME Pay offers the ideal payment solution for any choice of movie ticket booking. Customers can instantly book movie tickets via IME Pay. Through IME Pay, customers can enjoy making secured payment for the best movie or upcoming movies.

Big Movies

The official site of Big Movies is useful for booking movie tickets. Customers can easily check movie listings, showtime, and book tickets from mobile phones. The app offers the opportunity to book tickets to a number of multiplexes all over Nepal. Customers must follow the easy and secure step to book tickets for the movie in this app.

This article with its comprehensive list makes it easier to decide how to book movie tickets online.