Google Thanos

Stop whatever you’re doing and Google ‘Thanos’

Avengers: Endgame just released and the hype has been going crazy for the last few days. Google was also quick to join the hype of this great movie. Google added a special Easter Egg on their website. Just search Thanos and you will be surprised by what you find.

Google Thanos

After searching for Thanos on Google click on the Infinity Gauntlet on the search result. Then you will see the google search result vanish into thin air. Just like in the infinity war ending. The feature is available both on mobile and desktop.

It’s a pretty cool Easter egg bringing the power of Thanos’s snap to the web. Even Google isn’t safe from Thanos and his destructive power. To revert the changes just click again on the Gauntlet and all is restored back to the way it should be. This might also be an insight into what might actually happen in the Endgame movie. Will the Avengers snap the Gauntlet and use the time stone to revert back things to the way they were before. We will have to see for ourselves.