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What is Ice Age Baby Meme? Know your Meme

The Ice Age Baby Meme has blown up recently and people are already jumping on the bandwagon in fears of missing out on the current trends. The Ice age baby is a character from the popular movie Ice Age and was one of the main characters in the first movie. It is not known exactly who and when launched the force memes about Roshan. The first jokes about him appeared on Twitter in October-November 2019.

Ice Age Baby refers to a human baby character named Roshan from the 2002 animated film Ice Age. Following a viral tweet posted in January 2020, memes in which people expressed hate for the character, or a desire to hurt or murder him, gained popularity online.

ice age baby meme

What is the baby’s name in Ice Age?

  • Roshan (Original Name)
  • Pinky (by Manny)
  • Squirt Baby Bone Bag (by Manny)

Why do People hate the Ice Age Baby?

The large-scale force began in January 2020th. It all started with @ Kein68Mistker. He attached a frame with a child and wrote: “RT if you’d beat the shit out of the baby from Ice Age”.

Within a month, the distribution of memes about Roshan the Ice Age Baby continued in English-language social networks. Moreover, they were all ironically aggressive. For some reason, the authors of jokes disliked the character and began to wish him death.

In mid-February, the Roshan meme reached its peak of popularity. With even the biggest Youtuber in the world Pewdiepie making a video about him in meme Review.

The main message of all memes about Roshan the Ice Age Baby is that it is a terrible and dangerous creature. But why this is so is not exactly known. Many attribute this to the growth of the boy. According to the IceAge Wiki website, the Neanderthal’s or Ice age baby’s height is 6.1 feet (almost 186 centimeters). So, at his young age, the character reached sizes above the average modern man.

Most likely, the force of fear and hatred for Roshan is not connected with anything. But many continue to search and find hidden meanings in this meme. For example, the connection with “Dota”, which is often traced in memes. The fact is that in the game there is a character named Roshan – a rather powerful monster. Therefore, in-jokes every now and then flicker references to the legendary game.

Because people tend to make memes to extreme length there is even a petition to kill the ice age baby on with more than 10000 people signing up to it.

Ice Age Baby Memes