SMART FASHION: fashion meets tech

The culture of overspending is still increasing as the technology is advancing. There are talks of latest tech everywhere. Everything starts with “S” these days. Smart TV, Smart Phone, Smart Watch, Smart City and Smart Fashion. We are exposed to all those glitz and glam in lightning speed. And we love it.

Here is one from my own colleague- IRONY

Let’s be honest with ourselves, shall we?

Everyone loves shopping.

Online, In-store, Window.

But in reality even after roaming around for hours inside malls or browsing countless nights, you will finally come to the conclusion that your closet is full and there is no space to fit all those. This is called regret.

Dear, isn’t it gorgeous?In other word, jealous are we?

Too much sugar tastes bitter. Too much options have just now caused a little dent in your pocket.

Oh well what can we do? We better sing Sorry not sorry by Demi Lovato. And flaunt those when THE time comes. If it ever comes like your ex-friend’s wedding or blind dates, eh? Trust me. We all have been there.

Hence, I came to the conclusion, I will follow some mental steps before hitting to the marketplace for fabulous me.

Steps towards smart fashion

STEP 1- Firstly, look out for latest trends in fashion.

STEP 2- Secondly, Google cheaper options.

STEP 3- Then, make a strong blend of coffee with zero sugar.

STEP 4- After that open youtube and select some music.

         YES- depending on my mood.

         NO- Ambiguity Production maybe, so I can tease my friend about his voice, poor handsome and tall lad.

STEP 5- Then GO TO my messy closet.




STEP 9- Lastly, STOP

Still confused?

Forgive my rambling, but here is the catch, haven’t you all had long monologue with yourself whilst organizing your closet?

“ …who needs that ruffled, leopard-printed, sheer crop top..… lucky to have many unworn clothes which either I can giveaway as presents… helps my bank account…Hey! Isn’t that my ex’s present … bin it…no it was expensive…therefore, sell it is then…maybe I can spend the money on my facial regime. Noice”

To sum up, this is called self reassurance that you do not need to buy more to follow the latest trends and stay on point. For instance, you just need to organize according to frequency of use, types, occasions, days, colors, styles and also materials.

Talking about organizing, I found this little gem to save my time.

Another Irony , ITs an APP- Your closet- Smart Fashion.

Here is the link.

Yes, what better way to connect- tech and fashion.

And its totally free.

Reminded me of 90’s favorite, starring Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd- Clueless

The review will be given to my next blog post with some demonstration if its achievable by clumsy me or if I can kindly convince a particular busy-bee to do it for me.

Finally, who will be the next Cher?

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