Miss Nepal 2019

Support flow for Rachana Gurung After Viral Miss Nepal Video

If you haven’t already been bombarded by the “This is disrespect” Memes filling your Facebook feed then you probably know the incident regarding Miss Nepal 2019 auditions. For those who don’t know what happened, check the video first.

As we can see the judge Rachana Gurung seems to use some harsh words for the girl not using makeup. Social media was quick to jump on the bandwagon and the troll and hate started going viral on the internet.

this is disrespect meme this is disrespect meme this is disrespect meme this is disrespect meme

But according to the organizers, the audition was to test the contestants and to make them more confident. Surely there could have been other ways of doing it instead of creating a huge online debate but eh. There were lots of celebrities supporting Rachana Gurung for her actions and stating that’s how the audition was supposed to go. There is another part of the video but as it doesn’t create much drama no one really cares. Here’s what other celebrities had to say.

Ishani Shrestha the former Miss Nepal posted this post by the hidden treasure on Instagram.


Miss Nepal 2019

Asmi Shrestha was a bit more vocal regarding the trolls and online bullying.

Asmi shrestha Miss Nepal 2019

Shrinkhala Khatiwada who won Miss Nepal World 2018 also had a few things to say.

Anyways Here are the top 26 contestants who qualified for this year’s Miss Nepal 2019. Who is your pick for the winner?


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