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Top 6 Famous Nepali Dance Crew

The craze of dance in recent days is emerging day by day. Different dance crew brought a mixture of the cultural Nepali and western Hip-Hop dance in the field. Dancing franchise reality show like boogie-woogie also increased the hype in dance. Nepal has produced many dancers who have performed well on national as well as international levels. We have listed some of the best Nepali dance crew on the basis of their popularity and views on social media platforms and Youtube.

VIBE & WAVE Dance Studio

VIBE & WAVE – Dance Studio Nepal is a creative and talented group of Nepali youngsters. This team is a very energetic dance team and uploading amazing videos. They got attention from the cover of Deepak Bajracharya’s hit song Man Magan which went viral. Rahul Shah is the leader of this group. Some of their hit music videos are Man Magan, Rayban Chasma, Barikha, Najik Najik, Oye, Farki Farki. This studio is located in New Baneshwor.

Cartoonz Crew

Cartoonz Crew is one of the most popular Nepali dance crew. They have been ruling the Nepali dance industry for the last 5 years. Their video always ranks number 1 in the trending list when they publish videos. Cartoonz Crew is a B-Boying/Hip-Hop Dance Crew. The crew member includes Saroj Adhikari, Aashma Biswakarma, Ram Gurung, Lakpa Lama, Sajan Adhikari, and Subin Chauhan. Aashma Biswakarma’s Dame Tu Cosita challenge went famous all over the world.

The four crew members Ram Gurung, Lakpa Lama, Sajan Adhikari, and Subin Chauhan left the group recently. They released a video about why they left the Cartoonz Crew. In this video, they speak about how there was no transparency over money, how they felt like back-dancers, and how they were discouraged from certain projects while the two other members, Saroj and Aashma, did what they liked while controlling money and contacts. Saroj and Aashma, the only two crew members left in this group.


They are seen in various music videos & sometimes in their own official video they are hardworking crews. This team is a very energetic dance team with its own identity in the dance field. A huge common passion that makes them be united and work hard to improve day after day. The crew member includes Nirmal Lama, Mithun Lama, Bisaan Lama, Anjan Lama, Manjit Lama, Sabin Lama. The leader of this crew is Nirmal who won in a national channel dance show. This team has collaborated with the Children’s Home on many occasions.

Wild Ripperz Crew

Wild Ripperz Crew was formed on 2nd September 2010. The crew collected various dancers from different part of Nepal to form a crew which has strong dancers. They won various dance competitions in Nepal and are one of the best Nepali dance crew. The first crew to represent Nepal in the Indian dancing reality show. They got 1st runner-up of Dance Plus Season 2. Also, they represent Nepal in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship.


STRUKPOP is a FIRST K-POP DANCE COVER BOY GROUP OF NEPAL founded in 2016. They got attention from the song ‘Godawari Banaima’. This crew includes energetic team member Priya Limbu, Suresh Moktan, Suman Rai, Alek Tamang, Mizel Raj Pradhan, Prakash Rai, Ashish Tamang, Santosh Shah Thakuri.

The Next (Nepalese-EXtreme)

The next crew is the Australian residing dancing crew of Nepal. Their aims are to provide the quality of entertainment. They make videos in Australia. They got media attention after the cover of Jaalma. Some of the best dance by this crew are Pani Paryo, Mitho, Jaalma, Timi Raji ma Raji, etc. Crew members include Pradeep Lama, Amit Bajracharya, Prabha Dawadi, Surakcha Thapa, Amar Tamang, Shazia Miya, Tsering Angmo, Suchana Paudel. The leader of this crew is Pradeep Lama.

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