Facebook Messenger Settings

Useful Facebook Messenger Settings 2020

Facebook Messenger is an application available for your smartphones that gives you fast access to Facebook’s messaging system without making juggle through any other screens. Here are a few useful messenger settings that you can use and will definitely find it helpful.

Here are some Useful Facebook messenger settings:

Messenger is a very convenient tool to get connected with people and it has a lot of helpful settings to make your communication experience better.

Screen Sharing Feature

when an unpublished feature in Android allows video and audio call users to make their screen visible to all participants. This allows users to view videos and images stored on their own mobile phones or to view content outside the Facebook cosmos together with others. This feature is an exciting approach to Facebook to keep users longer in the Messenger App.

Facebook Messenger Dark mode

Facebook Messenger now also has a dark mode. Dark mode means that everything happens in the messenger app with a dark background. The main advantage: less strain on the eyes during use. The dark mode rollout is currently being promoted in Facebook Messenger by a small hack, which at the same time promotes interaction.
How to active Dark Mode:

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app and click on Chats in the navigation below.
  • Send contact to the emoji of the crescent moon.

Messenger Code

Facebook recently introduced a new feature to its messenger app. User can view their messenger code by tapping on their own profile and clicking on profile pic in the middle of the screen. In the left tab, the user has the ‘Scan Code,’ and in the right tab, the user has ‘My Code.’

Hidden Emoji Effects

Choose one of the following emoji and send it to a friend: Balloon, Basketball, Football, Heart, Snowflake. For those who sent a balloon or a heart or a snowflake; sending a balloon makes the screen fill up with balloons, a heart makes the screen fill up with heart, and sending snowflake makes it snow on your screen. There are various hidden interactions with emojis in Facebook Messenger.

Secret Conversation

Facebook Messenger has one to one encrypted communication, i.e., “Secret Conversation.” They use Signal Protocol such that only you and the other person can view it. Tap on the information ‘i’ icon in the chat of the person you intend to start a secret conversation with and tap ‘Go to Secret Conversation.’ The user will be directed to a new chat where all your messages are encrypted.

Message Requests

These are messages sent by people who are not in your friend list. Facebook Messenger typically associates these messages with spams and don’t send you a notification. Only in rare cases where it thinks you might know the person who sent the message will you be prompted.

Ability to remove messages for everyone

A user is now able to delete the sent message. The message is deleted not only from the user’s own chat history but also from those of other chat participants.
How to delete messages

  • Open the chat via
  • Tap and hold to open the menu.
  • The menu item “Remove” offers “Remove for You” and “Remove for Everyone”.

Messenger Day

Messenger Day is Facebook Messengers take on story sharing. Similar to the Instagram story, Whatsapp story and Snapchat story, user can post various photos/videos that are deleted after 24 hours. There are 5000 frames, stickers, and effects to satisfy all user’s story needs. Users will have to update the Messenger app to its latest version to make use of this feature.

Location Share

Using Facebook Messenger, sharing location is easier. Click on the dots at the bottom left corner of your message box and tap the location feature. Click the ‘pin’ icon on the bottom right and send the current location. It’s easy, right?

Messenger Room

This is a new update on Facebook Messenger for upgrading your video calls experience. To access this feature, open the app and click on the people option at the bottom right of your screen. Now, click on create a room. Edit who can enter your room and tap on the share link. You’ll get options for how you want to share the link to your room and invite people to your room. Enjoy your face time.

messenger room

This setting allows up to 50 people to join the call at a time whereas the talk time is unlimited. Try it and reunite with your buddies virtually. You can try it through your PC or smartphone as you prefer.

Hence, these are the useful Facebook Messenger settings that you have access to. Which one do you prefer the most? Share your opinion via comments.