Comedy Champion 2 Controversy Explained | Santosh Panta Vs Bkey Agrawal

Nepal’s Comedian show ‘Comedian Champion’ has been running successfully from the past year. But recently, the show has been involved in some controversies with contest contender “Bkey Agrawal” and Judge “Santosh Panta”.

Who is Bkey Agrawal?

He is a popular producer, film-maker, comedian, youtuber in Sikkim. He has directed short-film named “Mohan ra Madan” which is about love between gay boys. It has been screened in international film festivals. Bkey is also the co-founder of Hasais Kalte Stand-up Comedy Club and an independent filmmaker. The 29-year-old describes himself as a storyteller.

He auditioned on Comedian Champion Season2 and got a golden key which let him enter on top24. He is very famous on youth jokes and comedy punches. Compared to other comedian contenders, he has always had a unique type of comedy and made huge laughter to audiences. This led him to create a unique identity to Comedian Champion and audiences.

On Comedy Champion Season2- Top4, Bkey Agrawal performed Pantomime Comedy.

What is a Pantomime Comedy?

Pantomime is a type of musical comedy stage production designed for family entertainment. It was developed in England and is performed throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and (to a lesser extent) in other English-speaking countries, especially during the Christmas and New Year season.These type of comedy is mostly seen in Charlie Chaplin, Mr Bean’s comedy.

In his act he has told us about the heart, how our heart is restless even when we are in sleep. He had acted as he was his heart. The act had tried to show the reality of the people and it was also very motivational.

After the performance ended, except Santosh Pant, all other judges welcomed and praised Bkey Agrawal for his challenging performance. Santosh Pant was a bit confused by that act.

Now, here comes the controversial part after Santosh Panta began to judge Bkey’s performance.

While judging Bkey Agrawal Santosh Pant said, “Our Nepalese society don’t understand these type of comedy because we are not like western people, nobody understood this type of comedy in Nepal. I didn’t even understand.” He praised his act but in a very aggressive and umpleased way.

And To his answer, Bkey states that before attempting this act, he was very confused about whether or not to do pantomime comedy. But he chose pantomime to introduce a unique and new type of comedy to Nepali Comedy. He became very emotional as Santosh Pant said those things to him but he didn’t regret it as he chose to do this act. He also said that he will not be sad even if he will be disqualified in the next round; rather he is very proud that he introduced something new to Nepali comedy. 


We have seen and following Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean’s comedy way beyond this comedian shows. If that comedy is acceptable to us, then why Bkey’s Comedy is not acceptable. Why did legend comedians like Santosh Panta didn’t understand this type of comedy?

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