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Google GDC 2019 Keynotes


GDC (Game Developer Conference )which was held on March 19, 2019, Google has announced “Stadia”.  According to Google, you can play AAA ratings games in your browser just by click in a link. You will not need any high-end console or hardware. The new controller has also been announced which can connect through WIFI  with any Google smart devices. The Controller actually connects their server directly to their game session. It is a normal controller but has 2 new buttons one for capturing which helps to share directly to the youtube and another is for Google assistance. It uses a built-in microphone.

Google GDC 2019

According to Google, the Stadia will launch at 4K with 60fps with HDR and surround sound and capability of expanding 80K with 120fps in the future.  Google has partnered with AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) inc, to build the custom GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Each GPU has 10 teraflops of power, 56 computer units, and HBM2 memory. Stadia is more powerful than the Xbox one X (6.0 GPU Teraflop) and PS4 (4.2 GPU Teraflop). Stadia runs with Linux OS (Operating System) and open Graphics API (Application Program Interface) Vulkan. In terms of game engine, Google has partnered with UNREAL ENGINE and Unity. Google has given early access of Stadia to the ID software company which build the first AAA game i.e. DOOM.



According to the Executive producer of ID Marty Staton, the “DOOM ETERNAL” is a pure and unfiltered action fps which is capable to run on a true 4K resolution with HDR color and 60 fps. DOOM ETERNAL with be running on single Stadia GPU. Stadia will be capable of keeping Client and server both on Google’s networking backbone, resulting in predictable low latency and reliable connectivity on the public internet. It will provide high performance multiplayer with the gorgeous environment. Stadia is working on Stream connect which might bring back the split screen view. With style Transfer ML (Machine Learning) Google is applying the science of Machine learning our visualization.


With a new technology called StateShare developer can let a player instantly share their playable moment from a game which includes world state, players positions, and inventory. The game’s state can be encoded into a link that tells the Stadia where to pick up the game.

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